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Our Horses

We have an assortment of well trained ponies and horses to fit the needs of every rider; beginner or competitive, young or older.


Part Shetland pony- 11 hh and 12 years old, newly acquired and being prepared for children's lessons in the future.


Appaloosa gelding- 14.3 hands,19 years old. A very reliable trail horse and confidence builder for nervous beginners. Well schooled for lessons in the arena.



Greg & Berty

Greg is a Shetland pony, born in 1990. Berty is a grey Welsh mountain pony born in 2004. Both are very good at giving confidence to small children. First on the lunge and then with instruction they can learn to ride them around the arena. They often go out on the trail led by a guide.




An Australian draft horse gelding. 16hh, born 2006 selected to fulfill a need for a calm horse to carry larger riders. He has grown into a kind-natured horse fit for the job.



Has been a high point reining horse in the Snowy Mountain club competitions. Is now used in lessons for reining and advanced riding.




Born in 2005, Banjo is a Waler owned by Meredith broken in and trained here at Yarramba. Ridden by Mark in the Waler competition at Dalgety Show,November 2009. Top left; ridden in the warm up area. Next three photos: In the Pre-Caprili Dressage competition, winning first place. Last two photos, winning Gelding Under Saddle and Supreme Ridden Waler.



Jingle & Finale





Affectionately nicknamed "Black Horse"

Squeaker, Harry, and Jessica

No stable is complete with dogs.