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Specialists in training, teaching, trail riding & horsemanship


Yarramba is associated with the HelpX organisation. HelpX is an exchange for working holiday travellers who would like the opportunity to stay with local people and gain practical experience. Volunteer helpers are invited to stay and work on a short or long term basis in exchange for food and accommodation.

We accept visitors all year round, and offer them an exciting opportunity to experience life in the bush, working in a horse training and trail riding business.

Please realise that compared to Europe we are in a remote location, half an hour each way from the nearest shops. We do have mains electricity, and telephone, mobile phone connection is one hundred metres from the house.

We depend on rain to fill our water tanks: we have adequate for careful use, but we must be sensible with the usage.

Our helpers usually work six hours a day, with typical duties including:

  • Morning and afternoon yard cleaning
  • Helping with feeds and hay
  • Assisting with fencing, firewood collection, mustering stock for neighbouring properties
  • Helping with the training of young horses (experienced riders only)
  • Taking the horses to/from their paddocks
  • Grooming and tacking up horses in preparation for trail rides
  • Weeding, mulching, helping with gardening



In exchange they receive:
  • The opportunity to ride most days, often one-to-one tuition
  • Learn to handle a variety of horses in a professional manner
  • The chance to learn or develop many kinds of horse and farm-related skills
  • The experience of life in the Australian bush
  • Their own comfortable room or caravan
  • Substantial home-cooked meals
  • A friendly and welcoming home


"I stayed at Yarramba for three weeks. It was a fantastic experience and I learned a lot about handling and riding horses. In exchange for helping in the yards I got high quality riding lessons and trail rides in a really spectacular landscape. The food was also great! Thank you Mark and Rosemary!"
Mareike, East Germany, February 2006

"Yarramba is exactly what I wanted my experience in Australia to be. An honest amount of work for an honest pay: learning not only how to ride horses, but understand them. Mark and Rosemary are strong but knowledgeable teachers who are always wanting riding students to improve.As I spent time in the area I also came to learn how highly both of them are regarded in the local riding community not only as tutors, but as genuinely helpful people as well. The horses were unbelievably well-trained, though none are without their own personalities of course! I highly recommend Yarramba for anyone with a strong will to work hard and the heart to learn the Australian countryside way!"
Yann, North Carolina USA, April 2012

"I have had such a great time at Yarramba for the month that I stayed. Mark and Rosemary are so welcoming and Rosemary's evening meals are extremely yummy! In exchange for working, not only do you receive accommodation but also high quality riding lessons and the chance to ride through the beautiful countryside in the surrounding areas. Although I had prior experience with horses, I have found Mark and Rosemary's knowledge and expertise invaluable. The horses and ponies are so well trained - an absolute delight to ride and work with. Harry and Squeaker have provided a lot of entertainment and they certainly will not be forgotten in a hurry! Thank you Mark and Rosemary - it has been unforgettable!"
Lottie, West Scotland, March 2013

Please contact us if:

  • You are prepared to stay at least two weeks
  • You are happy to work six hours per day, with appropriate time off for long-stayers
  • You have a reasonable level of fluency in English (necessary for safety reasons when working daily with horses)
  • You are happy to stay on a farm out in the bush – the nearest (very small) town is Cooma thirty minutes away, and there is no way of reaching this unless you have your own transport
  • You are happy to share a mixed diet of meat and vegetables (generally organic or homegrown) deliciously prepared as home-cooked meals
  • You are cheerful and hard-working!

Horse and riding experience is desirable, but not essential. We are very happy to host those with no prior experience but who are interested and keen to learn, or those with other skills or experience to offer (carpenters, fencers etc especially welcome!).

To arrange a visit to Yarramba, send an email telling us:

  • Who you are - your name, age, nationality and a bit about yourself
  • Any background, experience or interest in horses, training and riding
  • What dates you are interested in staying at Yarramba
  • Your contact details including telephone/mobile number

We will try to reply to your email within a few days. If space is available on the dates you want we will reply to let you know and ask you to give us a call to make further arrangements. If space is not available, we may suggest alternative dates you might want to consider.

Once you're booked in with us, it"s very important that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to alter your dates, or are unable to come to us for whatever reason.

How to reach Yarramba from Sydney

Most of our helpers come to us from Sydney through public transportation. This is easily done by using Countrylink to book their travels to arrive in the early afternoon, preferably on a Wednesday.

The only bus stop at Cooma is by Centennial Park, at the end of a line of flagpoles.

If you have any questions, please contact us as we are glad to help.

If you are interested, please fill-in this form and send it to the contact email (cf. section Contact Us). Be sure to not come with excessive dirty clothes as water is in short supply.