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About Us

Yarramba is situated in the Monaro-Snowy Mountains region, where the plains meet the mountains to create a stunning landscape. Ride through beautiful gum tree forest, along the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, and down through rocky gullies, with tremendous views across the wide open plains.

This is an area synonymous with horsemanship, being the inspiration for Banjo Paterson's famous poem "The Man From Snowy River", and the traditions live on to this day.

Mark Layton

After an initial university education in the arts, Mark became involved in working with horses. For thirty years training horses, teaching riders, shoeing and conducting trail rides has been his life"s work and fascination. He has worked as a wrangler for film and television productions, and for many years has shown horses in dressage, Western performance, hack, and Australia Stock Horse classes. He established Yarramba twenty five years ago and since then has trained horses for many people in the Snowy Mountains region and beyond, and given visitors to the area the chance to experience the beauty of the landscape on horseback.

Mark's many years of careful study and experience have been distilled so even a novice rider can benefit from a few hours of instruction, and more experienced riders can gain a deeper level of insight. In the current era when riding has largely become a leisurely pursuit, there have been many breakthroughs in understanding the art of horsemanship. An increased focus on the intricacies of training and riding reveal the relationship between horse and rider to be extremely subtle. Those who can appreciate this synergy will discover the mystique of horsemanship and fully realise the rewards of this unique pursuit.

Rosemary Beeton

With her long and varied career teaching riding all over the world in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, England, Greece, the USA, and the Channel Islands, Rosemary has a wealth of experience in working with a huge range of riders from children and beginners, to those working on advanced dressage, cross country and jumping. Her former pupils are of all ages and many nationalities, and include royals, dignitaries, and leaders such as the ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir and his new Mounted Police Unit.

She has managed large stables of valuable competition horses in various countries, and has great expertise in feeding, building jumping, and cross country courses, and training riding instructors. She has also been fortunate to work with some of the top European and American trainers both in dressage and jumping.

From all this experience, Rosemary has developed a system to teach riders a balanced and secure seat, with an understanding of the horse"s movement and their own bodies. Her approach works, regardless of the equestrian sport the rider wishes to follow, and Rosemary uses it with great success, teaching advanced dressage to our most experienced clients, and building up the confidence and skills of people returning to riding later in life, young children or nervous riders.